Brass Quintet

Duration: 10'


Kaleidoscope presents an array of colors splashed across a canvas. Elements of minimalism, rock, and Gregorian chant collide joyfully and sometimes forcefully in the first movement, which begins with a repeated pedal tone that is tossed around the ensemble while different colors and textures glide and stomp on top. The pedal tone gradually morphs into a syncopated rhythm that grows in intensity, adding voices and harmony until the main theme enters in the trombone and tuba. This theme is developed and altered as the rhythmic underpinning also morphs, sometimes coming into the forefront and sometimes acting in the background.

The tempo then increases and new, biting melodies enter on top of the rhythmic motif. The piece grows in intensity until a sudden moment of stasis, and silence is heard for the first time. A pure, lyrical chant melody enters based on an earlier motif, and the first movement continues, sometimes agitated, until a final chord signifying peace. The second and final movement begins softly with a glowing texture and soaring trumpet melody, grows to a climax, and gracefully descends into a quiet but resolute conclusion.


Winner of Biola University's PERC Competition (2013)